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Full magnetometer kit is for those that would like to build & start using their own DIY Magnetometer in a short time and with minimal effort. Includes all electronic and mechanical components.



Full Gradiometer Kit

    • 2 magnetometer FG-3+ sensors 
    • Fully assembled & tested PCB 
    • Pre-installed firmware with Android connectivity
    • Android app
    • LCD display
    • Sensor cables
    • Enclosure 
    • Sensor & enclosure mounting adapters
    • Tube Stands for sensor tuning
    • Plastic tube (l=1m) is NOT included
    • Mounting Hardware


  • In some countries, there may be variations in the inner pipe diameters, with some being 35mm while others are 36mm.

    We kindly request you to choose the option that perfectly caters to your requirements while placing an order for the kit.

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