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Exploring Affordable Flux-Gate Magnetometer Solutions by FG Sensors for Enhanced Magnetometry

Flux-gate magnetometers are at the forefront of modern magnetometry solutions, and FG Sensors, a trailblazing provider of cost-effective magnetometry solutions, is revolutionizing the field with its exceptional product lineup. In this comprehensive article, we will take a deep dive into the realm of flux-gate magnetometers and shed light on how FG Sensors is spearheading innovation with its wide range of products, including the FG-3+, FG-43, FG33+, and DIY gradiometer kits.

By unraveling the potential of these magnetometer solutions, FG Sensors is unlocking the hidden secrets of magnetic fields for various applications.

FG-3+: Precision and Performance in a Single Axis

FG-3+ Fluxgate Magnetometer Sensor
FG-3+ Fluxgate Magnetometer Sensor

At the heart of FG Sensors' offerings lies the FG-3+, a remarkable 1-axis flux-gate magnetometer designed to meet the diverse demands of both modern research and industrial applications.

Building upon the legacy of the renowned Speake & Co. FGM-1 & 3, the FG-3+ takes magnetometry to new heights with advanced features and enhanced performance.

The FG-3+ employs a frequency output mechanism that is directly proportional to the magnetic field strength along the measured axis.

For users seeking analog output, the option of a frequency-to-voltage converter is also available.

This blend of precision and adaptability makes the FG-3+ a versatile tool that seamlessly integrates into various measurement setups.

Affordable DIY Gradiometer Kit: A Must-Have Tool for Treasure Hunters

FG Sensors DIY Gradiometer Kit
FG Sensors DIY Gradiometer Kit

FG Sensors goes beyond conventional magnetometer solutions by introducing an innovative DIY gradiometer kit.

Leveraging two one-axis FG-3+ sensors, this kit empowers users to construct a gradiometer, a pivotal instrument in the toolkit of treasure hunters.

The DIY gradiometer has the remarkable ability to detect ferromagnetic objects and voids buried several meters below the surface.

This breakthrough capability opens up exciting new avenues for treasure hunting enthusiasts and archaeological explorers, enabling them to unearth hidden artifacts and mysteries from the past.

FG-4: Small, Lightweight, and Waterproof OEM Flux-Gate Magnetometer Sensor

FG-4  3-axis flux-gate sensor
FG-4 3-axis flux-gate sensor

Compact, lightweight, and waterproof—the FG4 from FG Sensors redefines 3-axis flux-gate sensors.

Engineered with precision and efficiency in mind, the FG4 offers a multitude of possibilities for seamless integration across a spectrum of systems and applications. With distinct frequency outputs for each axis, users can access magnetic field measurements independently, enabling precise analysis.

The FG4's robust and waterproof design is a game-changer in environments where space is limited or water exposure is a concern. Its adaptability makes it an ideal fit for integration into autonomous vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), robotics, and other scenarios where real-time, autonomous measurements of the magnetic field are indispensable.

FG-43 ,FG-33 and FG-33+: Versatile 3-Axis Flux-Gate Magnetometer Sensors with Advanced Features

FG-43 3-Axis Fluxgate Sensors
FG-43 3-Axis Fluxgate Sensors

FG-33 3-Axis Fluxgate Sensors
FG-33 3-Axis Fluxgate Sensors

FG-33+ 3-Axis Fluxgate Sensors
FG-33+ 3-Axis Fluxgate Sensors

FG Sensors presents two off-the-shelf 3-axis flux-gate sensors, the FG43, FG33 and FG33+ which boast seamless measurement capabilities via the UART interface.

These sensors are plug-and-play solutions, instantly providing users with access to accurate magnetic field data.

What distinguishes the FG43 and FG33+ are their additional features. Both variants offer optional GPS integration, enabling geolocation tagging of magnetic field measurements—an invaluable asset in geophysical surveys and mapping applications. Moreover, the FG33+ comes equipped with a waterproof enclosure, ensuring its resilience even in the face of challenging environmental conditions.

A defining feature of these sensors is the automatic SD card data logger available in both the FG43 and FG33+. This function empowers researchers and professionals to capture data autonomously, making it feasible to collect information over extended periods without continuous monitoring. This feature becomes particularly crucial in remote or inaccessible locations.

Exporting Data for Enhanced Analysis

Imported Scan in Google Earth
Imported Scan in Google Earth

The FG-43 and FG33+ models from FG Sensors offer the added convenience of exporting data, seamlessly integrating with popular software like Google Earth and Surfer®.

This capability empowers users to visualize and analyze 3-axis magnetic field data in 2D and 3D formats. The integration enhances mapping, modeling, and detailed analysis for applications in geophysics, environmental studies, and mineral exploration.

In conclusion, FG Sensors' range of flux-gate magnetometer products showcases unparalleled precision, reliability, and user-friendliness. These tools are not only invaluable assets across scientific, industrial, and research domains but also cater to the interests of hobbyists exploring the mysteries of magnetic fields. With FG Sensors leading the way, the world of magnetometry has never been more accessible, advanced, or exciting.

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